Nafkah Wanita Karier dalam Pespektif Fikih Klasik

B. Syafuri
Journal article Ahkam: Jurnal Ilmu Syariah • Juli 2013


: Support Payments of Career Woman within the Perspective of Classical Fiqh. This article attempts to research the right to support payments of career woman or woman in work. In traditional classic fiqh, the husband is liable to provide for support payments to his wife based on the principle of separation of property between husband and wife. This principle follows a flow of thought that a husband earns money instead of the wife. The understanding of the working wife or career woman which must be made dependent to the husband's permission needs to be re-examined or reviewed because the scholars have not mentioned the obvious arguments concerning the matter. Likewise, no proposition exists which prohibits, either men or women, to work as well as no firm proposition about the need to have the husband's permission to go to work. Similarly, many historical facts reveal that there were working women or career women in the time of the Prophet, such as ‘A'ishah, Ummu Mubâshir, and others.


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