Transformasi Hukum Islam dalam Bentuk Al-Qânûn Al-Duwalî

Asna Usman Dilo, Rizal Darwis &
Journal article Ahkam: Jurnal Ilmu Syariah • Juli 2013


: Transformation of Islamic Law within the Form of al-Qânûn al-Duwalî. International law (al-qânûn al-duwalî) is inter-country or inter-nation law that shows the complex principles and rules which regulate the intercommunity relationships of nations or states and International law issues are not apart from the religion professed by the people in the world. One of them is Islam, whose source of basic rules from Alquran and Hadith have greatly provided guidance of state law such as ethics of war, concept of dâr al-Islâm and dâr al-harb. Religion, state and law will unite to form concentric circles as one entity that is closely related to one another. In essence, Islamic law provides transformation in the field of International law.


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