Tafsir Atas Hukum Murtad dalam Islam

Abd Moqsith
Journal article Ahkam: Jurnal Ilmu Syariah • Juli 2013


: An Exegesis on Apostasy Law in Islam. A discussion on apostasy almost spread throughout the corpus of Islamic law, both past and present. The concept of apostasy is now facing a serious challenge in a society that supports freedom of religion. Modern society tends to be of the opinion that the choice of individuals to enter or exit from a religion is a private matter that should not be interfered with by any authority. While Islamic jurisprudence, particularly that which is mainstream, further criminalizes apostates. Opening the entire argument about the concept of apostasy is a necessity. There are several verses of the Koran that speak of apostasy and there are various exegesis of apostasy which are discovered by scholars. There are scholars who criminalize apostates by referring to a Hadith, but there are also scholars who reject to have evidence of these Hadith.


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