Evaluasi Mutu Beras Untuk Menentukan Pola Preferensi Konsumen Di Pulau Jawa

Zahara Mardiah • Ami Teja Rakhmi • Siti Dewi Indrasari • Bram Kusbiantoro
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Pertanian Tanaman Pangan • Desember 2016 Indonesia


Java is the most populated area as well as the highest consumers of rice in Indonesia. Until now, rice widely grown in Java is still dominated by Ciherang. This research aimed to study the patterns of rice consumer preferences in Java to be used as one of main considerations for dissemination and new varieties breeding program. Evaluation was done by conducting sensory and physicochemical analysis on five most purchased rice brand of each province on Java. Hedonic and ranking test was assessed by 1000 panelists from all the five provinces in Java. Physicochemical analysis was carried out in the Proximate Laboratory in Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR), Sukamandi. The results showed that, in general, consumer preferences in each province have a similar pattern except in DIY. Consumers in West, East, and Central Java as well as in DKI Jakarta prefer rice with intermediate amylase content, while those in DIY prefer low amylase rice. Gelatinization temperature of rice is mostly high gelatinization temperature except those in DIY that were dominated by low gelatinization temperature rice. Moreover, rice color influences consumer preferences in Java except on consumers in West Java who chose rice not based on the level of rice color. Correlation analysis between consumer preferences in general with all other variables showed that consumer preferences in general were significantly affected only by the amylose content and was not influenced by other parameters. Whiteness degree of rice significantly related to consumer preferences based on color and very significant correlation based on rice translucency and taste.


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