Negara Vs Masyarakat: Konflik Tanah Di Kabupaten Nagekeo, NTT

Fransiskus X. Gian Tue Mali
Journal article Jurnal Politik Universitas Nasional • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


This paper describes the land conflicts that occurred in the district of Nagekeo between the state VS society. We know that the state represented by the government, if in the area sometimes referred to as local governments in the process of infrastructure development for the public interest often face the issue of compensation in the form of land acquisition and land tenure issues. Issues such as this led to the government and people often face to face in a conflict that sometimes led to violence and anarchy. Although the resolution adopted sometimes has completed but the conflict will not stop there in some land conflicts in Indonesia. Finally, the authors conclude that the land conflict between the State VS Nagekeo Society is land ownership arrangement error and deviation of the Act and Regulations presidential About Land Acquisition for Public Interest, besides there are personal and group interests that triggered the conflict in Nagekeo.


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