Sikap Remaja Putri Dalam Menghadapi Perubahan Fisik Masa Pubertas

Bella Kartini Rochmania
Journal article Jurnal Promkes • 2015


Physical changes in teenager is a principal characteristic from biologic process in puberty age. The wrong attitude in confront of physical changes can make girl dislike moreover hate the physical changesthat she's got, so the parent have an important role to girl's attitude. The objective of this research is to analyze the correlation of girls perception about parenting education type with the attitude of teenagerfacing physical changes in puberty age in Student of 7th class of Junior High School 13 Malang City. This research is using observational with cross sectional. Number of population 120 students, number of sample 92 students, with simple random sampling technique. Data collecting applies questioner sheet filled out by the respondent. Data is showing table type and text. The result of research is using chisquare showing that majority of respondent are democratic type about 59 students (64,1%). Majority of respondent (64,1%) have negative attitude (unfavorable) in confront of physical changes, and the girls that have perception democratic type have negative attitude (unfavorable) in confront of physical changes. Then, be obtain value x2 table (5,991), and the conclusion that there is no Corelation between perception about Parenting Education Type with Attitude Facing Physical Changes in Puberty Age.


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