Politik Identitas Dan Pencitraan Kandidat Gubernur Terhadap Perilaku Pemilih

Idris Hemay • Aris Munandar
Journal article Jurnal Politik Universitas Nasional • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Bengkulu-election voter behavior in 2015 was strongly influenced by the identity and imaging candidate for governor will be selected. Therefore, to get a comprehensive picture of the problem, then, the method used will combine two main aspects, namely the approach of political science behavior (voting behavior), politics of ethnic identity, the image of the candidate and the elections in the perspective of political sociology with a quantitative approach appropriate public opinion surveys. Thus, it will be obtained proof that identity factor tribe or ethnicity, together with the image factor figures, can contribute positively in shaping the behavior of voters in the elections Bengkulu, 2015.


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