Penyelamatan Hak Pilih Warga Perbatasan Jelang Pilkada

Alexsander Yandra
Journal article Jurnal Politik Universitas Nasional • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Phase II of Direct and simultaneous elections in Riau province will be experiencing a complex problem. The borderline in some regions and sub-districts it seems become one of it. This problem found occur in in sub-districts 15, 16 and 18 in Simpang Tiga Village, these sub-district now placed under Kampar regency based on ministry decree No. 18 in 201, were it originally listed under the Pekanbaru administration. Yet, this implies to the citizen administrative and vote in the local election. Therefore, KPUD of Riau should do some action to save the votes of the citizen in these less-clear area so they can participated in the local election. This study using Descriptive qualitativein line with theory of political interest in the local election. The analysis of the study employ ethics and emic then elaborated to investigates the problems. The findings showed that the KPUD of Riau has done some action to solve of the citizen administration problems related to the local election however, it seems not showing a significant result. The findings also showed, these three sub-districts' in Simpang Tiga showing several responses regarding to the local election, these responses seem strongly related with the political interest among them.


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