Implementasi Program Desa Pesisir Tangguh Di Desa Tanjung Pasir Kecamatan Teluk Naga

Leo Agustino • Abdul Haris Djiwandono
Journal article Jurnal Politik Universitas Nasional • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Program Desa Pesisir Tangguh (PDPT) is a part of empowerment of marine and fisheries independent community national program. There are some problem on tough coastal village program in TanjungPasir village starting from Tangerang district fisheries and maritime officers' lack of preparedness, less representative in terms of planning, national program of community empowerment is not maximal, Tangerang district of marine and fisheries agency's weak control, less active of village government, and the weakness of program socialization. The purpose of thisresearch is to find out how tough coastal village program implementation in TanjungPasir village. The theory which used is public policy implementation according to George C. Edward III. In this theory, there are 4 variables which affect public policy implementation's performance, those are communication, resources, disposition, and bureaucracy's structure. The method that used in this research is qualitative descriptive method. The result of this research is that tough coastal village implementation program in TanjungPasir village has not gone well and effectivebecause of some factors, such as less massive communication, so part of society do not know the program, less of facilities and infrastructure so not all of society feel the impact of the program, disposition deficient so there is commercialization program indication, up to the absence of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on coastal group society.


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