Faktor €“ Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Penerimaan Internet Sebagai Alat Pendukung Tugas Mahasiswa

F. Nugro Hardianto • Gandhi Pawitan • Ibnu Wibowo
Journal article Research Reports in the Humanities and Social Sciences • 2009 Indonesia


Purpose €“ This paper aims to identify the importance that students attach to the internet as a tool of task support, and the factors that affect its acceptance as such a tool. Design/methodology/approach €“ Using the technology-acceptance model (TAM) as a basis, a questionnaire is designed by the researchers, and completed by students. Multiple linear regression is used to analyse the data, and this confirms the relationships proposed by the TAM. Findings €“ The main findings of the study are that: students feel that a task support system is a prerequisite for effectiveness in their work; they require greater access to the internet to meet their task support needs; perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use of the internet directly affect university students€™ attitude €“ which, in turn, affect the students€™ intentions of using the internet as a task support tool. Research limitations/implications €“ Main limitations of this study are related to the sampling method and the fact that the field research was conducted only in Bandung and Yogyakarta. Originality/value €“ Finally, the paper suggests how students could exploit the internet as a task support tool for students and what actions should be planned in order to facilitate its adoption.


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