Pengaruh Angkutan Sedimen Dasar Terhadap Perhitungan Debit Sedimen Suspensi Dan Lokasi Pengambilan Sampelnya

Totoh Andayono • Henny Yustisia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


One of constraints in suspended sediment sampling in a field study is the difficulty to obtain sample data for the whole width of the river for the harsh condition of field. This sometime results in sampling implementation only at the edge of the canal. When such data were used to predict sediment (suspended) discharge they would lead to erroneous outcomes. Measurement in the laboratory channel as according to measurement procedure in field, what done at vertical direction and transversal (wide direction). The research sediment-recirculating flume, foslim probe set as a means of measure the concentration and electromagnetic currentmeter to measure the velocity of as much 75 series of stream measurement with transportation of bed load have been obtained in this research.The velocity distribution profile gets fuller with a maximum velocity increasingly more distant from the water surface, whereas distribution of concentration of sediment suspensi progressively uniform. Assess the U* progressively come near the wall more and more to descend,.Difference result of calculation between measurement data to equation of Rouse and equation of Tanaka and Sugimoto, giving ever greater deviation for the data of which progressively the data in edge of the channel. The equation still applicable to entire data by applying corrective konstanta assess.


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