Perbandingan Perilaku Balok Beton Bertulang Dengan Menggunakan Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Dan Portland Composite Cement (PCC)

Prima Yane Putri • Nevy Sandra

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


The development of environmentally friendly knowledge emerging done and campaigned given the severity of the effects of environmental damage caused by humans. One industry that has contributed to the destruction of nature and the causes of global warming is the effect of CO2 due to the cement industry. One way to overcome this is to produce cement quality is maintained and environmentally friendly. It is stated in the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), which regulates the development of more environmentally friendly with no prejudice to the functions of the cement itself. Referring to the CDM, was made known by the Portland Cement Composite Cement (PCC), where the mixture is not just made up of clinker and gypsum alone, but it has been mixed with Pozolan materials such as fly ash.PCC itself is still in the development stage, so it still needs a lot more research on the use of this type of cement in the concrete mix. During this new research conducted to investigate the compressive strength of concrete using cement PCC. Therefore conducted this study aimed to determine the compressive strength, flexural strength and crack pattern cement concrete using PCC and compared with the behavior of flexural strength and fracture pattern cement concrete using OPC.Tests conducted in the laboratory based on ISO 03 - 2847- 2002. Covering compressive strength test, flexural test and observation cracked reinforced concrete beam pattern with a compressive strength of 25 MPa plan. The results show that the compressive strength and the use of PCC up to the age of 28 days is higher than the compressive strength of concrete with cement OPC. Crack pattern that occurred showed a similar pattern, while the flexural strength of concrete with cement OPC has higher flexural strength than concrete blocks with cement PCC.


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