Perbankan Syariah dan Pemberdayaan Umat

Florentinus Nugro Hardianto
Journal article Bina Ekonomi • 2009


Syariah Banking System aimed to support national development in improving justice, togetherness, and spreading of peoples welfare. There are three characteristics of Syariah Banking System which are unique and synergize of each other i.e. theologist, locality, and economic democration. Those three characteristics will be the spirit of Syariah Banking System in empowerment of people in particular, moslems. In practice, Syariah Banking System has a number of function either in financial mediation, or in practicing its social function towards society. Even though currently Syariah Banking System experienced significant progress, efforts are still needed in encouraging the government to improve political will in development of Syariah Banking System, increase capital of Syariah Banking System, and to strengthen socialization of Syariah Banking System with broader scopes.


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