Penerapan Fuzzy Linguistic Multi-Expert Pada Penentuan Nilai Ketidakpastian Sistem Pakar Berbasis Rule Based Reasoning (Rbr)

Rusdie Efendi
Journal article Jurnal Sistem Informasi Universitas Sriwijaya • April 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Expert system is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), which use specialized knowledge to solve a problem at the level of experts. expert is someone who has keahliaan in a particular discipline. In the expert system to make a decision rule is often found answers that do not have full certainty. This uncertainty may be a probability or a probability that depends on the outcome of an event. The probability / uncertainty in expert systems caused by the inability of experts to formulate a rule for sure. Usually its value is determined by the experts themselves.Sometimes an expert is very difficult to determine an estimate of the value of a symptom of uncertainty and it will be easier to determine if the use of the term "often, sometimes, rarely.The method used in the study "the application of fuzzy linguistic multi-expert on determining the value of uncertainty based expert system rule-based reasoning (RBR)" This will output a value of uncertainty of expert system-based rules with input data that is processed in the form of symptom data / evidence that using words fuzzy. Keywords- expert system, the value of the uncertainty, fuzzy linguistic, rule-based reasoning


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