Modul Bi-lingual Untuk Televisi Dengan Menggunakan SAA7283ZP Yang Diatur Lewat I2C Dari 80C31

Hany Ferdinando • Resmana Resmana • Herlianto Tenggara
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Elektro Universitas Kristen Petra • Maret 2001 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


At the moment, in Indonesia has been able to enjoy NICAM (Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex ) technology within the television world. Television without NICAM facility, however, can receive the broadcast of the transmitter with NICAM technology, although it emits mono audio signal only. To receive broadcast with NICAM audio quality, TV audience, therefore has to buy a new set of television equipped with NICAM facility. Dealing with the problem, a module that can externally added to the television was made so that the audience of television with non-NICAM technology can enjoy the system itself. The module used the single chip NICAM decoder SAA7283ZP of Phillips semiconductor that can be adjusted using microcontroller software. The module receives IF signal taken from TV tuner and separates the audio and video signal present. SAA7283ZP controlled by 8031via I2C that is stimulated by 2 pin port 1, then takes and processes the audio 'data' . The output of the process is entered in a separated audio system, the testing result conceals that the occuring error is mostly influenced by the quality of RF signal received by the television set. This result is obviously seen as the testing system employs indoor and outdoor antennas. Besides that, improper grounding the system also affects the module in processing the NICAM signal.


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