Analisis Kinerja Sistem Pendingin Arus Searah Yang Menggunakan Heatsink Jenis Extruded Dibandingkan Dengan Heatsink Jenis Slot

Joessianto Eko Poetro • Catur Rakhmad Handoko

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


All electrical and electronic equipment that work will produce heat. To reduce the accumulation of heat, cooling systems needed to improve the performance and life time of the equipment. Commonly used air conditioner (AC) as a coolant or heatsink as heat transfer elements. In this study will be designed and fabricated cooling system with a source of direct current electricity using thermoelectric and heatsink. There are two types of heatsinks are commonly used, namely fined plate heatsink type extrude and heatsink slot types. Then the dc cooler of the extruded heatsink and dc cooler with a slot heatsink is tested performance. From the test results it is known that the dc cooler system that uses of extruded heatsinks have better performance with COP 07:32% greater than the dc cooler with heatsink slot types.


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