Perkembangan Pemetaan Zona Agro-Ekologi (ZAE) Di Indonesia

Hikmatullah Hikmatullah • Sofyan Ritung
Journal article Jurnal Sumberdaya Lahan • 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


. The agro-ecological zone map, as popular as AEZ map, is the thematic geospatial data derived from soil or land unit maps that indicates the distribution of land units which have similar characteristic of climate, terrain, soils, and potency for agricultural commodity development. The AEZ map was firstly developed by FAO in 1978 for small scale to help developing countries of Africa in providing land resource geospatial data for landuse planning. In Indonesia, the AEZ map was introduced in the early of 1990's at scales of 1:1000,000 for island-basis and 1:250,000 for provincial-basis derived from the available reconnaissance soil or land system maps. The AEZ map gives general information on the direction of agricultural commodity zoning for supporting both national and provincial planning. Recently, the AEZ base maps published by Geospatial Information Agency to support One Map Policy movement. By increasing the need of the geospatial data at larger scale, the AEZ map should be detailed the map unit delineations into 1:50,000 scale. The AEZ maps at scale of 1:50,000 were firstly created in the early of 2000's, but systematically they have been created on the regency-basis since 2012, and they will be completed for the whole regencies of Indonesia in the end of 2017. The effective planning and strategy, and sufficient cost are needed to speed up of completing these maps. Constraints for completing the maps include the limited number of researchers and technicians, level of map reliability/accuracy, dissemination of result, and updating the maps. The use of accurate geospatial land resource data could support the agricultural development planning properly.


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