Studi Teknologi Tepat Guna Pembangkit Listrik Berskala Piko Di Kabupaten Lany Jaya Kampung Malagai

Achmad Syahid • Edy Setiawan

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Appropriate Technology abbreviated TTG technology is suitable or appropriate or feasible in a condition or an area that is considered still lagging behind or are not familiar with a variety of technologies, while the term pico-scale power plants stems from the power scaling on hydropower for the purpose simplify the analysis generated power. Pico Hydro is hydro power plants only hundreds of watts to 5 kW (Djoko Santoso, 2003). In an effort to support the program "Energy Independent area" and fulfillment services electrification infrastructure facilities in the district Lany Jaya which have the characteristics of a community settlement spreads with settlement consisting of a few households, the electricity demand is not great, the Piko-scale power plant development could be a solution to increase service infrastrukstur electric utilities in the region. Studies intent Appropriate Technology in Power Plant Scale Piko Lanny Jaya Regency is the identification of potential sources of energy for power generation pico scale (5 kW) in the study area and draft power generation technologies appropriate scale piko (5 kW) in accordance with the potential energy sources available and the condition of the area of study. Until the availability of appropriate technology design power pico scale (5 kW) corresponding to the potential sources of electrical energy in the study area (Lanny Jaya Regency).


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