Effect Modification of the Rice Technology Package to Improve Production Gripped Iron

M. Zulman Harja Utama • Sunadi Sunadi • Widodo Haryoko
Journal article Jurnal Tanah Tropika • September 2013 Indonesia

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(English, 8 pages)


Rice is an important food crop in the world’s second after wheat and estimated rice demand in 2015 reached 55.8 million Mg.  Ministry of health stated that approximately 100 million people in Indonesia are suffer micronutrient deficiencies (iron and iodine), because they cannot afford to buy nutritious food but rely solely on the nutritional intake of rice. This study aimed to get the rice technology package to increase rice production that gripped the iron. This study consisted of two experiments which were test technology package with sri cultivation system and test modification technology packet with conventional cropping system. The experiment was arranged in a factorial with a completely randomized design and  three replications. The experiments were conducted from May to October 2012 in Koto Baru of Dharmasraya District, West Sumatra. In rice cultivation gripped Fe2+ with the system rice intensificatin (SRI).  The results showed thta the best package technology was the combination of: Krueng Aceh + peat soil (saphrict) 20 Mg ha-1 + square (10 × 10) × 30 cm with one seed per hole (age 10 days) + 5.0 mg kg-1 auxin. In this package technology, production of milled rice was 7.06 Mg ha-1, while the iron content in rice grain varieties Krueng Aceh and Tukad Balian were 31.44 mg kg-1 and 34.99 mg kg-1, respectively.Keywords: Auxin,  Fe2+, rice package technology [How to Cite: Utama MZH, Sunadi and W Haryoko. 2013. Effect Modification of the Rice Technology Package to Improve Production Gripped Iron. J Trop Soils 18 (3): 195-202. Doi: 10.5400/jts.2013.18.3.195][Permalink/DOI: www.dx.doi.org/10.5400/jts.


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