Penentuan Jumlah Operator Yang Optimal Di PT. X Dengan Metode Simulasi

Dwi Sukma Donoriyanto
Journal article Jurnal Tekmapro • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Variations in the type of gold refined alloy and number of determinants of the previous process makes it difficult to determine how much actual gold refining capacity of the reactor at PT X Surabaya. Fulfillment personnel carriers during the process became the standard because there are items that allow the operator time delay which existed at the time the machine is idle. It requires an appropriate method to solve the above problems, in this study the author will use simulation methods that can clearly describe a process flow. Software that can be used to facilitate automatic calculation also vary in this case I chose Simul8 software. From the obtained results are what the maximum capacity of the reactor during the first period of the gold refining (1 week) and the number of effective working hours for best results and that is no less important is knowing the needs of the operator during the run.


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