Representasi Perempuan Dalam Majalah Lifestyle

Sofiana, Dkk., Nina
Journal article Jurnal Studi Komunikasi dan Media • 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 36 pages)


Goal of this research whose title is “representation of woman in Lifestyle magazine (content analysis in Cosmopolitan magazine within period 2003–2005)” is to obtain description of woman in lifestyle magazine which is viewed from article identity, article contents, representation of figures in article, presentation technique of article. Background of this research is lifestyle problem in consumer society of Indonesia which grow in pararrel with history of economy globalization capitalism transformation indicated by emerging shopping centers. For Indonesian, lifestyle become a serious attention almost for all peoples since lifestyle trends and modernity structure shift are interrelated by institutional reflectivity. Nevertheless, lifestyle becomes more important in self identity and daily activities. This research approach is quantitative. The method is content analysis which is used to group articles on the basis of its themes. Content analysis is used to code various article on the basis of article freqwency in Cosmopolitan magazine from 2003-2005. Sampling technique used is random sampling. This research shows that woman representation in lifestyle magazine is not fair and there is no significant difference in Lifestyle magazine artikel.


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