Pengaruh Jumlah Koloni Rumput Teki (Cyperus Rotundus L.) Pada Media Pasir Terhadap Penurunan Konsentrasi Bod Dan Cod (Studi Kasus Tpa Jatibarang – Semarang)

Rininta Kurnia Purnamasari • Badrus Zaman • Mochtar Hadiwidodo
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Lingkungan • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Leachate is wastewater that arising from the entry of external water into landfill, dissolves, and rinse the dissolved materials, as well as organic materials from the result of biological decomposition process [1]. In general, the leachate from landfill has high value of BOD and COD that are toxic. The condition also occurs in Jati Barang landfill average concentration of BOD and COD which far exceed the quality standard i.e. BOD value at 722 mg/L and COD value at 1037mg/L [2]. Phytoremediation is the process of contaminated soil restoration using plants media [3]. Nut-grass (Cyperus Rotundus L.) is one of the plants that can be used as an adsorbent of pollutants and point of attachment of aerobic microbes in phytoremediation processing method because Cyperus Rotundus L. has several advantages including numerous fibrous root and nut-grass is a weed that has ability to absorb large nutrients compare with another plant, in addition nut-grass can easily grow anywhere, easy to maintain, and resistant to outside influences [4]. The research was conducted for 15 days after acclimatization. There are 5 reactors consisting of a reactor with 2 colonies of nut-grass, 4 colonies of nut-grass, 6 colonies of nut-grass, 8 colonies of nut-grass and control reactor without nut-grass. Each reactor is filled with as much as 2 liters of leachate from Jati Barang landfill. Sampling was conducted every 3 days and measured the concentrations of COD and BOD. The amount of removal efficiency in each reactor is as follows: reactor with 2 colonies of nut-grass experienced a decreased in removal efficiency by 59,06% to 53,38% for COD and BOD, reactor with 4 colonies decreased by 65,55% to 61,27% for COD and BOD, reactor with 6 colonies decreased by 70,74% to 68,14% for COD and BOD, and reactors with 8 colonies decreased by 71,39% to 75,69% for COD and BOD.


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