Aktifitas Komunikasi Dan Media Sosial(survai Pola Komunikasi Masyarakat DKI Jakarta Melalui Social Network Sites)

Sunarwan Bambang
Journal article Jurnal Studi Komunikasi dan Media • 2015 Indonesia


This research dealts with people's communication activities by social network sites. To answer it, -by survey method- this one observed that phenomenon on the basis of activities introduced by Levy and Windahl, activities are divided into two dimension, dimension of communication sequence especially in activities“during”of media exposure. Variety of communication activities through social networking sites indicates that in terms of the media use including internet, individuals activly direct themselves. They become active independent selectors to meet with their satisfaction. These research findings provide empirical facts that strengthen the assumptions of uses and gratification theory model. The reason why the respondents have a specific activity pattern in the use of social networking sites, according to the assumption of uses-and-gratification theory model, it results from antecedent variable e.g., motive, individual characteristics and the like.For further researches, it needs to involve antecedent variables in research so as to be a guide to obtain empirical data for uses-and-gratification theory model development.


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