The Production and Characteristics Test of Synthetic Rice Made of Maize Flour

Arif Dwi Santoso • Warji Warji • Dwi Dian Novita • Tamrin Tamrin
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Pertanian Lampung • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Synthetic rice made of maize flour has a great opportunity to be developed as a staple food. Peopleused to consume synthetic rice, but only limited studies reported about the preferred characteristic of synthetic rice. The purpose of this study is 1) to produce and examine the characteristic of synthetic rice including moisture content, particle size, storage time and steam duration, and 2) toobtaine the preferred sensory level of synthetic rice based on aroma, texture, flavor and color.The procedure was startedbymakingthe maize flourto produce synthetic rice using a granulator machine. The granules was then steamed and dried under the sun light. Seventype of synthetic rice was used in this research, namely pure maize rice (100% maize flour), three mixed synthetic rice of maize flour and wheat flour, and three mixed synthetic riceofmaize flour and tapioca flour withthree different ratio 95:5, 85:75, and 75:25.). The results showed that the water content of synthetic rice was measured between 10.37 to 13.79%. While the steaming timewas reached around 46 to 68 minutes. The rice wasable to be stored about 24-26 hour. The organoleptic testsshowed that the most favorite synthetic rice was a mixture maize rice of 95% maize flour and 5% of tapioca flour for all level preference of the sensory test.


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