Potensi Desa melalui Pariwisata Pedesaan

Dewi Winarni Susyanti
Journal article Jurnal Ekonomi & Bisnis PNJ • 2013 Indonesia


Rural tourism concept with its unique product, typical and nature friendly apparently could be a new solution for tourism development in the world. To respond with tourist shift of interest, so there is grow different kind of tourism in Indonesia that is rural tourism in many province in Indonesia. The development of rural tourism not only give the benefit to the appearance of tourism alternatives to fill the tourist's shift of interest, but it could be used as s solution to the poverty, culture, and nature preservation issue. Indonesia generally and West Java especially is a region that rich of its village uniqueness, but neither the people or tourism developer hasn't realize its potential that makes the village development as tourism destination not correctly executed. That's why this study focused on potential identification that many region in West Java has to be developed into rural tourism. The identification result will be used to develop villager empowerment model and poverty prevention with the rural tourism. In the first year, from the result of survey and interview it is obtained village's data and potential tourism development based on the villager, and tourism potential in the rural area. Furthermore, to completing the villager empowerment model and poverty from the rural tourism, so the success key is the readiness of the villager to open themselves and changes. To preparing the villager to be ready to managing the rural tourism, it is required to give a training about the competention of rural tourism management, so that the culture preservation and poverty prevention can be realized. Keyword: rural tourism, rural tour, villager empowerment, poverty prevention, culture preservation.


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