Strategi Pemasaran Produk Pembiayaan Murabahah pada Bank X Syariah Cabang Tangerang Selatan

Fatimah Fatimah • Elisabeth Yansye Metekohy
Journal article Jurnal Ekonomi & Bisnis PNJ • 2013


This study designed to find about the most appropriate startegy of murabahah funding product marketing so that will win the competition. With the use of SWOT analitics with IFAS and EFAS matrices, it can identify important factor either external or internal environtment that will be chance, threat, strength and weakness of the murabahah funding product.From the analytics result, it is obtained the growth strategy. This strategy choosed because of the calculation result shows it was in 1st quadrant, where the total weigthed score of chance-threat is 3,31. While total weighted score of strength-weakness is 3,31. Location of this quadrant very profitable and can be maximally marketed by implement of mixed marketing policy such as product policy, price policy, place policy, promotion policy that support the aggresive growth of murabahah funding product. Keywords: murabahah, SWOTanalytics ,marketing strategy


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