Konsultasi Pemilihan Audio Mobil Menggunakan Metoda Forward Chaining

Albert Destian Supardjan • Teddy Marcus Zakaria

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Audio is one of the tool for listening music that certainly will you found in car with the purpose to dispose boring time while driving. Character of car audio sound consists of sound quality, sound quality loud and sound pressure loud. Car users do not necessarily know about the audio devices that are used but have the desire to change it for the better. There are several kinds of audio devices and goods provided manifold. It takes a long time to understand the device from the car audio. Therefore, the application of expert systems can help users car in giving advice to use audio package as you wish. This application uses forward chaining method and desktop-based. The data used came from car audio specialist. This application uses the media image and the information provided to be more understandable. The application will give suggestions about audio package that can be used.


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