Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Berbasis Web Manajemen Perjalanan Dinas Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah (Skpd)

Pidyat Nurcahyo • Yumniati Agustina
Journal article Jurnal Ekonomi & Bisnis PNJ • 2012


The various corruption cases of regional and overseas official trips that has been discussed lately, on micro level, due to bad management. As a result, often found multiple assignment, unbalanced load and excessive workloads, resulting in inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the official trips. This study developed a web-based information systems for official trips in Regional Work Unit. The application is emphasized to facilitate the implementation of official trips' administrative and provide better control over the official trips. From the test results, the application can produce a perfect output, and found no significant deficiencies in terms of speed and accuracy of the system. In the future, the application needs to be developed by adding adequate security to be used via the Internet, and can be developed to be integrated with a wider information systems in Regional Work Unit. Keywords: Web-based Information System, Regional Work Unit, Official Trips


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