Strategi Humas dalam Meningkatkan Reputasi Sekolah (Studi Kasus di SMA Negeri 1 Surakarta)

Indhira Hari Kurnia • Djoko Santoso • Andre Noevi Rahmanto


The aim of the research are (1). To investigate the strategy of public relations in aim increasing of the school reputation. (2). To find out the stakeholders perception (the school graduates and the parent of the student) about the strategy of public relations in improving the school reputation. (3). To investigate the public relations obstruction. (4). To know the efforts made in by the public relations. This research is qualitative research with descriptive approach and embedded case strategy and The sampling technique used Purposive Sampling and Snow Ball Sampling. The method to collected data used interview, observation, and documentation. While analyze used interactive model data analyze. Based on the finding, shows that the school reputation is suitable with the school vision. Although there are occasion that can influence the situation. But the fluctuation is not longer enough. Because the huge trust and proud the stakeholders toward the SMA Negeri 1 Surakarta. It prove that the school reputation on the satisfasion level. The infrastructure must be upgrade. The school representative, the deputy of public relations take an action to handle the opinion by improving the achievement with the intensive management and increasing the infrastructure by priority. The other obstruction handle by wisely according to the rules.


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