Analisis Manajemen Kredit Guna Meminimalkan Risiko Kredit (Studi pada Pd Bpr Bkk Tasikmadu Karanganyar)

Rafika Lihani • Ngadiman Ngadiman • Nurhasan Hamidi


The aim of this research is to study and analyze: 1) management credit implementation, 2) a saving effort on non performing loans, 3) a solving effort of bad credit on PD BPR BKK Tasikmadu Karanganyar. This research is used descriptive qualitative approach. Strategi used is single rooted strategy that focuses on one problem. Sampling technique used is sowball sampling with deciding key informants.the data sources used are interview, observation, and document analysis. For data validity, it is used source and method trianggulation. While data analyzing technique used is interactive analysis. The conclusion of this research is: 1) management credit decided by PD BPR BKK Tasikmadu not implemented maximum. Management credit not maximum it is in case: credit analysis done is not maximum, it is less hold carefulness principle by decision maker and from monitoring was implemented is less effective. 2) an effort of in solving non performing loan adapted on credit condition, cause factor of non performing loan happen, and good will from the customer. 3) Problem solving on bad credit done are related with mortgage liquidation to pay off the credit, clean of account and law effort.


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