Penerapan Pendekatan Quantum Learning Tipe Brainstorming untuk Meningkatkan Keefektifan Pembelajaran Akuntansi

Sukma Wijayanti • Wahyu Adi • Elvia Ivada


The purpose of this research is to improve effectiveness accountancy learning to the C package program by applying the Quantum Learning approach using Brainstorming type. This research is a classroom action research which is designed into two cycles and each cycle consists of planning phase, implementation/ action phase, observation phase, evaluation phase, and also reflection. The subjects of this research are eleventh year students of SKB C package program in Magelang regency in academic year 2012/ 2013. The research data are collected in a form of information about the effectiveness of learning in terms of learning achievement (cognitive) and also students attitudes (affective) during learning activity. The data collection technique uses observation, interview, and test. The validity of qualitative data uses triangulation technique while the technique of validity test uses construct validity. The result of this research, the application of Quantum Learning approach using Brainstorming types can improve learning effectiveness in terms of students learning achievement completed by 63.63% and students' attitudes during positive learning by 60,67%.


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