Pengaruh Lama Perendaman Tio2 Dalam Dye Sensitizer Ekstrak Daun Tembakau (Nicotiana Tabacum L) Terhadap Efisiensi Dye Sensitizer Solar Cell (Dssc)

Hidayatul Fitriya • Rif’Ati Handayani • Albertus Djoko Lesmono
Journal article Jurnal Pembelajaran Fisika Universitas Jember • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Energy is one of the important things in the world, especially Indonesia,which has high people population. Energy consumption are dominate ofunrenewable energy, such as fuel and gasses. In other side, unrenewable energy wasrestricted, so we need to find the other energy source. Renewable Energy can helpsUnrenewable energy to complete national energy consumption such as solar cell.DSSC (Dye sensitized solar cell) is a kind of inexpensive and eco-friendly solar cellthat base on photoelectrochemical reaction. The purpose of this research is toobserve the affect of TiO2 immersion in tobacco leaf extract (Nicotiana tabacum L)as dye sensitizer to current, voltage and eficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell(DSSC). The stage of this research are dye preparation, counter-electrodepreparation, TiO2 preparation, electrolyte and assembly process. The variable thatuse in this research are 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes of immersion time.The result indicate that the immersion hasaffect to DSSC output. The 60 minutes ofimmersion can result higher output at 12 P.M with 729,2 Watt/m2 illuminance,which are 173,6 mV in voltage and 0,621 mA in current. It also produce 0,0493%efficiency at the same time. The result indicate that the immersion hasaffect to DSSCoutput such as current, voltage and efficiency.


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