Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Inkuiri Terbimbing Untuk Meningkatkan Aktivitas Dan Hasil Belajar Pada Materi Perubahan Wujud Siswa Kelas 3 Di Sdn Jember Lor 1

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The purpose of this study to increase the activity and learning outcomes in materialchanges in the form of grade 3E students at SDN Jember lor 1 through guidedinquiry learning model application. This research is the Classroom Action Researchconducted in two cycles, with each cycle consisting of planning, action, observationand reflection. PTK was implemented in grade 3E at primary schoolJember Lor 1 inscience subjects form changes totaling 31 students for odd semester of 2016/2017Academic Year. Data analysis techniques of data collection, validation,interpretation and action. Results mastery learning students in the pre-test of29.03% and a post-test amounted to 87.09% of the circuit cycle I and II toimproving student learning outcomes using guided inquiry learning model 0,81 highcategory. Student activity cycle I and II are on average very active category include:listening to the teacher's explanations, discussions, conduct experiments, analyzedata, and make conclusions.


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