Seleksi Fenotipe Populasi Padi Gogo Untuk Hasil Tinggi, Toleran Alumunium Dan Tahan Blas Pada Tanah Masam

Enung Sri Mulyaningsih • Ambar Yuswi Perdani • Sri Indrayani • Suwarno Suwarno
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Pertanian Tanaman Pangan • Desember 2016


The aim of this research was to get upland rice lines with high yield, aluminum tolerance and resistance to blast. Genetic material used were 380 lines (F6) from six hybridization combinations evaluated under Al stress condition in environment endemic blast using augmented design with five randomized blocks. Performance of lines in the field and level of tolerance was tested. The results showed five genetic clusters formed from 380 lines of upland rice in a test based on quantitative characters. Cluster number 2 was the best cluster with characters: uniform growth vigor of plants, early flowering days, early maturing, medium plant height, high productive tillers, medium panicle length, high number of filled grain, the lowest of empty grains, high weight of 5 panicles and high yield potential. Aluminum tolerance and blast resistance were observed in almost all clusters. The lines in cluster 2 had the highest resistance to blast (98%) and tolerance to Al (94%).


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