Tinjauan Nilai Faktor Modifikasi Respon (R) Dan Faktor Kuat Lebih (O) Pada Struktur Gabungan Rangka Baja Dan Rangka Beton Bertulang Dengan Analisis Pushover

Andy Prabowo • Yuskar Lase
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Sipil ITB • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


. A significant increasing of the space demand and supported by the applicable regulation especially in the congested areas, give the possibility to extend the building vertically. The extention can be done by adding the steel frame structures above the existing reinforced concrete structures. Thus, the lateral force resting system of the steel and reinforced concrete hybrid structures relies on the acting performance of the steel and concrete moment frames concurrently. This structural material distinction implies the selection of R (Response Modification Factor) value. The R value for hybrid steel-concrete moment resisting frame system has not been stipulated on SNI 1726:2012. Therefore, this paper aims to review the R and Ωo (overstrength factor) value of the hybrid steel-concrete moment resisting frame systems where the steel frames stands above the concrete frames. The review is limited to the structures having similar seismic condition as Jakarta with soft soil condition (Site Class SE). The R value on the hybrid structures is determined prior to structural elements design. Pushover analysis is then performed in order to obtain the load versus deformation curve for the recalculation of R and Ωo. The calculation concept of R and Ωo follows ATC-19 and ATC-34 including FEMA P695.


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