Motivation Variables to Use Contraceptive Among Male in YOGYAKARTA

Susiana Sariyati • Febrina Suci Hati • Fatimah Fatimah
Journal article Kesmas: Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat Nasional • November 2016 Indonesia

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(English, 5 pages)


Family Planning program is one of very important national development programs in order to embody wealthy Indonesian families. Role of such program has a big influence to a person's reproductive health, both reproductive health of woman and man. This study aimed to determine factors related to reproductive men's motivations for contraceptive use in Bumijo Village, Jetis District, Yogyakarta City. This study was conducted in Bumijo Village, Jetis Subdistrict, Yogyakarta. Subjects were 161 men in reproductive age older than 30 years old and had two children or more. This study was quantitative with logistic regression analysis. Results of study showed relation between knowledge and motivation (p value = 0.368), sociocultural and motivation (p value = 0.147), education and motivation (p value = 0.968), information and motivation (p value = 0.296), wife's support and motivation (p value = 0.001). There was no relation between knowledge, education, information source, social and culture with motivation. There was a relation between wife's support and motivation.


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