Pertimbangan Penentu Penumpang Saat Memilih Jasa Transportasi Kapal Laut Pada PT Dharma Lautan Utama Cabang Pontianak

Andry Lindi Lim
Journal article Mabis • Juni 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Transportation today has become a very vital thing in supporting the mobility of people incarrying out activities either through land, sea, or air. The purpose of this study was todetermine the factors considered in choosing the passenger transport ships. The method usedis descriptive research method of collecting data through observation, questionnaires,interviews and documentary studies. Collection methods using incidental sampling with asample of 100 respondents. Data analysis was descriptive and qualitative research are basedon the five dimensions of service quality, namely reliability, responsiveness, assurance,empathy and tangibles. Data and information obtained were analyzed using percentagecalculations, only then the conclusion can be drawn. The results obtained from this study isthe marketing policy relating to the attributes of service quality dimensions mostrespondents agreed. Advice authors are company should continue to monitor the trends thatexisted at the time the passenger is what can attract the attention of prospective customersof potential services for the company, so it is not glued to the coverage of the market that hasbeen achieved by the company. Promotion should be owned by the company needs to beimproved further by conducting promotional programs that are more innovative andcreative in order to keep passengers loyal to the company.


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