Type B Gelatin Gel Strength in Granule Formulation and Its Mucoadhesive Characteristics

Nelly Suryani • Farida Sulistiawati • Astri Fajriani
Journal article Makara Journal of Health Research • Juni 2009

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Mucoadhesive test of polymer excipient is important for development of oral sustained release dosage form in mucoadhesive system to increase bioavailability of a drug. The study focused on mucoadhesive strength of gelatinus granules in stomach and intestine of rat using bioadhesive and wash off tests. Gelatin is a substance obtained from partially hydrolyzed collagen of skin, white cattle bones and animal bones. Gelatin derived from acid process is called type A gelatin and those from alkali process is called type B gelatin. This research studied the influence of various gel strength of type B gelatins, particularly their mucoadhesive characteristics. Mucoadhesive tests were performed at the concentration of 7.14%, 3.66%, and 2.45% and with gel strength of 328 g Bloom, 230 g Bloom and 119 g Bloom respectively. The results showed that granules formula with 230 g Bloom gel strength showed the best mucoadhesive strength, with adhesion percentage of 100%.


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