Uji Sterilitas Instrumen Bedah Terhadap Bakteri Aerob Penyebab Infeksi Di Rumah Sakit Immanuel Bandung

Fanny Rahardja • Widura Widura • Dhenis Asmara Suryadarma
Journal article Maranatha Journal of Medicine and Health • 2004

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Nosocomial infection is a serious problem almost in every country. In the United State, the incidence of nosocomial infections is about 5 % with mortality rate close to 1 %.Surgical instruments which make close contact with the inner parts of the human body are at high risk of transmitting microorganisms. Autoclave uses and surgical instrument storage techniques play an important role in the prevention of nosocomial infections in surgical room.The aims of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of existing techniques in sterilizing the surgical instruments and their storage to keep germfree, various surgical instruments which were freshly sterilized, stored for 3 and 7 days were tested. Samples were collected direct or indirectly by cotton swabs.The results had showed that scissors failed to be sterilized completely, while germs increased with the length of the storage period. Further studies are needed to evaluate the sources of the contamination and failure.


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