Penggunaan Light Emitting Diode Pada Lampu Celup Bagan (the Use of Light Emitting Diode on Sunked Lamps of Lift Net)

Imanuel M. Thenu • Gondo Puspito • Sulaeman Martasuganda
Journal article Marine Fisheries • November 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Lift net fishermen usually use fluorescent lamp as attractor to lure fish. As price of fuel rise, fishermen are forced to find another option to change their attractor into some much lower cost and more energy-save lamp, or in other words, to change into LED lamp. This research are providing evidence that sunked LED lamps can be utilized as a helper tools, and also determined the best time for catching fish in the lift net. Two lift net used in this research, one of them used sunked LED lamps and the other used ordinary fluorescent lamps. Lift net are operated as long as 20 nights, with four catching times per night, between 18.00-21.00, 21.00-00.00, 00.00-03.00, and 03.00-06.00. Results showed that LED lamps give a better result with 11 organisms successfully catch (287,6 kg), compared to ordinary fluorescent lamps with only six organisms (238,3 kg). The best time for catching with LED lamps are between 18.00-21.00 (121 kg), while between 21.00-00.00 (67,4 kg), 00.00-03.00 (46,9 kg) and 03.00-06.00 (52,3 kg).


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