Tingkat Kepuasan Pengguna Aplikasi Intersystem Business Solution (Ibs) Pada PT Citajaya Infinite System

Anderes Gui • Erwin Erwin • Nora Vera Amanda • Leo Satya Phangestu
Journal article Communication and Information Technology Journal • 2009 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Use of applications to assist business processes to be completed faster, saat have been very widely adopted by companies so that good performance yang applications and meet the needs of users will be very important. The purpose of this research is to find the application user expectations Intersystem Business Solution (IBS) in PT Citajaya Infinite System and find out how the performance of these applications after implemented so that will be generated an output, which form the level of satisfaction from the use of applications by managers and employees at the company. Data collection methods used were observation, interviews, and questionnaires. Manual methods used in data processing, Microsoft Excel 2003, and SPSS version 13.0. While the analysis method using gap analysis to determine the scale and range of satisfaction levels. So, one conclusion that can be drawn from this study is the performance of this application is sufficient to meet user expectations.


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