Narratology and New Historicism in Keong Mas

Retnowati Retnowati • Endang Ernawati
Journal article Humaniora Binus • 2017 Indonesia

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(English, 11 pages)


Keong Mas (Golden Snail) is one of popular folktales in Indonesia which is narrated in such a special way that includes the elements of folktale such as the characterization, setting, plot, theme and style. Since the characters are about to use the name of Prince and Princess in the Dynasty of Jenggala and Panjalu in Kediri, East Java, this folktale is hoped to describe the historical events through its setting and plot. The goal of this research was to know how the folktale Keong Mas was narrated based on Vladimir Propp's Narratology. Then the evidences in the story was compared to the historical evidences happening during the reign of the two dynasties in Kediri Kingdom in the eleventh century using the theory of New Historicism. Furthermore, the research is to know that the work of literature is not always independent. It can be traced through the historical evidences in the folktale which becomes their clues. It is to inform the readers that a work of literature is actually the imitation,that is the reflection of the society.


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