Implementation of Reciprocal Teaching Method to Improve the Third Semester Students' Ability in Summarizing a Text Using Their Own Words of English Department of IKIP Gunungsitoli Year 2013/2014

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Journal article Jurnal Ilmiah IKIP Gunungsitoli • 2013

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Key words: Reciprocal Teaching Method, Reading, Writing a Good Summary A problem is found in the students' ability in Reading II that is the students of the third semester of English department of IKIP Gunungsitoli are unable to summarize what a text tells about correctly. This is caused by two factors namely the students do not know what to summarize since the students do not comprehend the text correctly. Another is the students' consideration that the more similar their writing to the writers' language, the higher mark they will obtain from the lecturer. Interestingly, the teacher-researcher conducts a research by implementing Reciprocal Teaching Method. The problem needs to be solved is the students' ability in summarizing a short story to be a good summary.To achieve the purpose of the research, the teacher-researcher applies Collaborative Classroom Action Research to search the students' ability with the total subject is 37 persons, Class C. The teacher-researcher uses four kinds of research instruments that are observation sheets, field notes, expected characters sheets, and evaluation sheet.Based on the research findings, it is seen in the research instruments which the students do activities as designed in the program of lecturing; the students practice predicting, clarifying, questioning, and summarizing strategies; the students develop their positive characters; and the better/higher marks found in the second cycle than in the first cycle. The lowest mark and the highest mark in the first cycle are 0 and 65, while in the second cycle are 50 and 70. On the basis of the research findings above, the teacher-researcher finds out that Reciprocal Teaching Method improves the third semester students' ability in summarizing a short story using their own words by implementing its steps and it is concluded that the hypothesis is proved.In line with the research findings, it is suggested to the lecturers (whoever teaches reading, writing, vocabulary, and structure) to implement any methods to improve the students' ability, and understand what task, test, should be done by the students during teaching them so that they are ready to learn the lectures and comprehend how meaningful lectures they learn. Then, it is recommended to the students to learn better all lectures especially in writing skills (micro skills). Lastly, it is better to future teacher-researchers not to do any researches (this aspect or possible to other aspects) related to Collaborative Classroom Action Research without teacher-collaborators, except handy cam is available to be observed/reflected.


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