Development Of Fuzzy Logic Controller For Trainer Kitbased On Microcontroller

Zaidir Jamal • Maznur Rusydi
Conference paper Seminar Internasional Bisnis dan Teknologi II 2016 • Oktober 2016 Indonesia

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(English, 6 pages)


Informatics and Business Institute Darmajaya Bandar Lampung especially Bachelor of Computer System Program will apply FLC subjects on new curriculum in 2015. To increasing knowledge and motivation of students learning of Fuzzy Logic Controler/FLC is needed a trainer kit. This study aimed to developed FLC module for trainer kit. The membership function use a triangle. The singleton fuzzification use as fuzzifier. FLC module is designed to have three subset with 9 rules. Fuzzy inference machine use max-min operator while defuzzification use the Centre of Average. Fuzzy system implemented on ATmega 32 microcontroller then output converted to analogue using a DAC. Testing is done by providing input voltage variations and measure the outputs and retrieve data from each of the fuzzy operations through data acquisition program. The test show the modules can work in accordance with the fuzzy operation, the output voltage of FLC module in accordance with changes in input voltage. KEY WORDStrainer kit, fuzzy logic controller, microcontroller


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Seminar Internasional Bisnis dan Teknologi II 2016

  • Konferensi di Bandar Lampung, Indonesia pada tahun 2016
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