Studi Literasi Keuangan Pengelola USAha Kecil Menengah (UKM)

Dwi Latifiana -.

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AEC has been held at the beginning of this 2016, every entrepreneur must face this competition by creating a sound management decision-making, which consists of marketing strategy, human resources management, and financial decision making. Financial decision making include budgeting decisions, allocation of profits, savings, credit, and investment decisions. One of the most important factors of financial decision-making is a financial literacy is the main topic in this study. The first objective of this study was to determine the effect of financial literacy in managing Small and Medium Enterprises. The subjects of this study is entrepreneurs Small and Medium Enterprises, the research methods literature review. The size of the financial literacy of SMEs by Financial Management Knowledge Base, Credit Management, Savings and Investment Management and Risk Management. The conclusions of the paper that the ability of management of SMEs is still at an average level. The study also found that the differences in the level of financial literacy only by level of education and the long effort that was involved, but not found on other factors (sex and age).


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