Model Literasi Keuangan Pondok Pesantren Madura

Aldila Septiana -.

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The importance of the preparation of the priority needs of course to avoid the consumption of irrational behavior and must also consider the financial ability possessed in order to avoid a larger expense than income. Therefore, to make the right economic decisions to consume and to avoid high lifestyle certainly requires knowledge about financial literacy. According to the Danes and Hira and Chen and Volpe (in Sina and Nggili, 2011: 3) defines financial literacy as the knowledge to manage finances. One intelligence to be possessed by modern man is a financial intelligence is intelligence in managing private assets, particularly in the management of personal financial assets. Respondents in this article are students at the pondok pesantren, where students are students who live far apart the parents are equipped with the knowledge of financial management and some pocket money. Are these students can coordinate its finances in pondok pesantren?Based on the results of the discussion, it can be described as follows: the concept of financial literacy a person can be seen from the cognitive processes or the knowledge that he has in managing finances, and in the attitude to personal finance that will affect their financial behavior or decisions in managing finances. From the existing theory, with this adjusted based on the basic knowledge and financial attitudes for older children or are in the age of 13-18 years. Model of financial literacy in pondok pesantren through the value of simplicity and sharing among fellow was able to maintain the life of an individual as social beings that exist in the diversity of the community. Solidarity and kinship is later is needed to bring the students into real life after they no longer live in the pondok pesantren.


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