Penerapan Model Reading Map Group Investigation (Gi)untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Berpikir Kritis dan Hasil Belajar Biologi Siswa Kelas X SMA Surya Buana Malang

Erfitra Rezqi Prasmala


Learning at the school is just limited in listening and understanding the concept which is being taught by the teacher. When the examination, student will answer the concept which is memoried by them. The learning process also can't improve the critical thingking skill the student, whereas, this skill can give some benefits for students to achieve a deeper understanding and create the meaingful learning, in order the students are able to get the satisfied result. Based on observation, on Biology Learning process in the Xth grade of SMA Surya Buana Malang, it can be seen that learning process can't improve the critical thinking skill yet. The learning method which is used to repair that problem are Reading Map Group Investigation (GI) model. This learning model is done with some step: (1) reading, (2) make concept map, (3) implementation group investigation learning. Research type which is used classroom actiom reseach. The subjects is students of class X SMA Surya Buana Malang, the number of student 14 people. Data analyzed is using 2 methods, with descriptive qualitative and quantitative data which get from research, that are critical thingking skill, student learning outcome. The result show Reading Map GI model can improve learning process. This case is prooved to increase critical thingking skill 27,3% from first cycle to second cycle. The cognigve improvement outcomes is showed by the improvement of average score at the first cycle 61,93 with the percentage of completeness class 29% to 83,93 and percentage of compleness class 78% at the second cycle. The result conclusion is implementation Reading Map GI model can improve critical thinking skill and student outcome of class X SMA Surya Buana Malang.


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