Relevansi Kualitas Manajerial Pelaku Usaha terhadap Produktivitas Usaha Agroindustri Perikanan Laut di Kabupaten Jember

Dewi Prihatini
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012 • 2012 Indonesia


Indonesia has frequently found the way out from global crisis. Nowadays, Indonesia is also confident to overcome the effects of crisis in Europe because of its existing big domestic market. Fishery agro-industry sector is one of the Indonesia‟s development focuses which has positive impacts towards the increasing number of worker to be employed not only in terms of quantity but also managerial quality. Managerial quality refers to human resource performance measured by business experiences, capability, and academic background that influence productivity of company. This study aimed to analyze the influence of managerial quality towards productivity of the fishery agro-industry in Jember district. The population of the study was all businessmen of fishery agro-industry of the selected areas. The respondents were determined by snowball sampling method in every coastal area and method of analysis using descriptive analysis and multiple regression method. It reveals that business experiences and capability had significant influence while academic background did not have significant influence toward productivity of the fishery agro-industries in Jember district.


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Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012

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