Integrasi Pendidikan Pravokasional sebagai Upaya Menyiapkan Lulusan yang Mandiri di Era Global

Yahya Ashari


To develop intelectual, emotional and spiritual quotion as well as to provide graduates with life skills are the essence of qualified education. Implementation of educational skills within the high school curriculum is essensial in preparing productive human resources in the globalization era. Which is expected to push down the unemployment rate. This article discuses the actualization of implementation of life skills education in the curriculum in order that teaching and learning process produce skillful graduates and in confortable with market demands. Life skills education include five competences, i.e. : (1) self awareness, (2) thinking skill, (3) social skill, (4) academic skill and (5) pre-vocational skill. In conclution, a qualified education has to designed to prepare skillful graduates, as a self-contained and run against for the global competition era.


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Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012

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