Implementasi Program Iptek Bagi Kewirausahaan di Universitas Sriwijaya Tahun 2012

Parwiyanti Parwiyanti • Ermanovida Ermanovida • Muhammad Ammar


The purpose of the research is to observe the implementation of the IbK program in UNSRI,the factors supparting dan inhibiting program, and found improvement strategy implementation IbK program. Design descriptive qualitative and quantitative research. Data collection by way of in-depth interviews, questionnarires and desk study. While the process of data analysis through data reduction and SWOT analysis. The implementation of IbK in 2012 UNSRI already running but is not optimal, mainly because of the student motivation to entrepreneurship still need to be improved, the method proved effective pick up the ball as sosialization and selection program, NLP coaching method proved successful in increasing student effort become independent entrepreneurs.


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Seminar Nasional Competitive Advantage 2012

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